Totally unrelated and separated by an icon.

Lost’s 4th season is premiering in like half an hour, and ABC is running a little wrap up for those of us who stopped watching because it went up against CSI:NY may be a little lost.


Remember when Lost was amazing and cool? Like that first year, when the whole big thing was Hatch and the polar bear? Do you remember the polar bear!?!?! Dude. The polar bear was where it was AT.

The semester it premiered, I had a biology lab at 7:30 on Thursday mornings. And for the entire semester, my professor, the other girl whose name I’m forgetting, and I dissected (ha! no pun intended!) the previous night’s episode. It was fun. Way more fun than whatever it is we were supposed to be studying. In fact, I remember the first polar bear episode, and Dr. Saleska said his wife thought he was crazy when he told her that OMG THERE TOTALLY WAS A POLAR BEAR!!!

I want to it be like that again, not this crazy three-societies-fertility-specialist-omgwtf-Kate-and-Jack-in-the-future?!?!?!?

Okay. The Kate and Jack in the future thing was pretty cool.

I was sitting in environmental science today and eavesdropping on the two girls behind me (let’s face it, there was very little else to do). One was finishing her philosophy degree and was talking about a professor (who taught my logic class last year).

Not-Philosophy Girl: Wait, who is Tierney?

Philosophy Girl: He’s the Australian. Like straight-up.

Me: How can you be “straight-up Australian”?

Not-Philosophy Girl: Oooh. Is he hot?

Me: *snickers* Um. No. I think Mary and I named him Ron Weasley’s Rat.

Philosophy Girl: Um. No…

Philosophy Girl: …but he’s probably a dreamboat to you. You like any authority figure with an accent.
Not-Philosophy Girl: True. Very true.
I really felt like turning around and offering my services as bff and late-night-binge hair-holder because OMG WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON DO YOU HAVE FACEBOOK???!!!
Well, that’s about as much about me that you need to know. At least for tonight.

No, wait! That’s Kandinsky!!!

It’s my daddy’s birthday. Happy birthday Daddy!!!

Also, in 1649, Charles I was executed in London for pissing off Parliament and generally being an asshat.

Just, you know, in case you were wondering.

So now I have a lovely celebratory manhattan (please don’t worry about my alcoholism, it’s actually 9:16, not 3:30 or whatever the timestamp says), and I don’t have a lot to say about anything. Mostly because I stayed home today and watched Monty Python (16 ton megaset for Daddy’s birthday- whee!!!) and have nothing to comment on school-wise.

Which says something about the content of my life, actually.

Just two things—

1.) Maria’s pizza? Is really good. I used to absolutely hate it. Now I want to move to the south side just to get closer.

2.) Imladris has been accepted, with honors and promise of a scholarship (they didn’t specify how significant of a scholarship), to one of the last colleges she applied to!!! So mad snaps for her.

Not to rain on her little parade or anything, but this would be the same academic world that Grandpa proverbially set on fire in 1939, so really, she’s kind of just begging for failure because anything she may accomplish? Probably won’t end with an atomic bomb.

I’m going to go drink. Ciao.

Tomorrow will be a cold day. Authorized by me.

And it is law, and that’s how it is.

Because every other time there is inclement weather I have a final or a paper or a baby due or something (kidding, but I have no doubt that there is going to be the largest snowstorm on record the day I go into labor), and tomorrow I only have two lectures and don’t want to walk to the architecture building in a -35 degree wind chill so DAMMIT I AM STAYING HOME.

It’s just the history of sex lecture anyway. I’m pretty sure I can figure that out on my own. Without the help of the transparencies the professor promised to bring in.

Witness a New Level of Dorkdom

I’m watching, actually watching, the State of the Union.

And I squeed when the Supreme Court justices walked in. They’re wearing their cool robes. Dude. I’d wear that thing to the grocery.

(If you’ve been reading for any amount of time, you’ll know that this is quite an honor. I generally don’t squee unless I’m drunk or want to have the sque-ee’s babies. Neither applies here, which is a sign of emotional growth, I think.)

Now the congress people are bobbing up and down depending on the party line.

My favorite part is when some well-meaning junior representative starts to clap and no one else does. HAHAHAHAHA.


Dude. Hillary just gave somebody the death glare. And Barack and Ted Kennedy? Are sitting right next to each other like big dumb girls. I wonder if they have the same study hall, too.

Also? Pelosi’s frantic and freakish blinking? Is making me dizzy. And Dick Cheney’s freakish stare is making me feel stalked.

Only other things going on are of the technological and scholarly variety.

The printer decided that it didnt like it’s new ink, and it was going to stop working. So new printer and much gnashing of teeth, etc. later, I finally have my notes printed off.

I also know entirely too much about the conception of my professor’s daughter. Frankly, any information I have on the subject is too much, but the position used to achieve said daugher? WAY TOO FAR.


I’m going to go have a little government party in my head, mmmkay?

Again with the creepy saint-love.

I finally finished watching season 1 of The Tudors on DVD this afternoon. I’d seen most of the episodes online last year, but gave up around 7, because I just couldn’t find a decent website to host the video, and frankly watching an hour long show every week on a computer screen? Notsomuch with the attention span of the flea.

First, I’d like to say that my inner History Major was jumping up and down and screaming and pouting and threatening to quit and all sorts of things, but she was quickly shup up by my inner Smut Whore and then beaten to a pulp by my inner Jeremy Northam Stalker.

But I thought I’d give her a say anyways. So, if you do not wish to be enlighened and educated, you may skip the next part.

First, WOLSEY ABSOLUTELY DID NOT, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, COMMIT SUICIDE. Not even in the weasly little “the world will never know” way that they tried to pass it off as.

Also, the stupid “Princess Margaret” thing. Henry VIII had two sisters, Mary and Margaret. They only gave him one in here- Margaret. But lest that make way too much sense, they gave her Mary’s life story, although kind of screwed around a little bit (it was France, not Portugal, she didn’t kill him, she was happily married to Brandon for years and had three kids, etc.)

And Bessie Blount’s son dying in infancy? For no reason other than the idiot 2007 audience will go, “Oh, but he has a son anyways! Why are they fighting!?!”

These all bothered me immensely. Because there was simply no reason for it. They could have easily done the Wolsey thing correctly- he even died in real life at the exact same time as he offed himself in the show, and it would have been just as tragic. Margaret could have become Mary and the actual Margaret could have been mentioned, because she did, you know, give birth to the next dynasty. And Henry Fitzroy? Was a stupid minor plotpoint that could have been either ignored, or handled the correct way.

But they didn’t, and frankly it pissed me off.


Seriously. I loved the fact that you slowly saw Henry VIII going mad.

I love the clothes.

I love how hot Thomas More is. In that holier-than-thou, self-righteous, Oh-he’d-educate-our-daughters-and-take-our-babies-to-Mass!!! way. At least until he started burning heretics. (BTW, was I the only one who laughed out loud when he replied to an inquiry about how many Lutherans he’d burned with, “Only six. All heretics, necessary, and…well done.”

HEY. He wasn’t a saint yet. It doesn’t become creepy and unholy and damning until 1935.

Also? The Invasion on Tuesday. I may die of happiness.

Overheard at work last night:

Girl: Well, I like girls and boys, but I’m not, like, a lesbian. Or bisexual. It’s not like I do drugs and like girls.

Charming Boy: Haha, yeah, when you do drugs you’re really bisexual!

Girl: Not, like, all the time.


Girl #1: Why should the money go to a CEO and not the workers?

Girl #2: Because the CEO worked for the it, and built the company!

Girl #1: So you believe in social darwinism?

Girl #2: I…no…I guess…but not really.

I seriously fear for our country.

I am paying $8,000 a year to hone my Guitar Hero strategy.

Today in American Popular Music (which is less popular music and more crazy boring genre music) we learned about 32 and 12 bar patterns, which are ways a song can progress. So first we listened to a pop song for awhile and then we listened to some boring jazz recording over and over again it was clear that we really needed to know the 12-bar pattern for the class because omg, how could anyone possible like the treacly popular crap shoved down our throats by the man while there is REAL music to be had!?!?!? (Slightly paraphrased, but that was his gist.)

And I couldn’t help but think that, well, yeah, I probably need to be able to recognize the 12 bar thingy for the midterm, but learning to anticipate the 32 bar one could really help me with Guitar Hero!!!

My parents are so proud.