Various things that have nothing whatsoever to do with me or my own life.

Apparently Colleen’s on a health kick. And apparently red wine is good for your heart. So apparently I’m taking care of my heart tonight, too! (Twice, because she didn’t want to finish her glass. Well, I am not going to let that heart-healthiness go to waste, dammit.)

So, first on the list: Lily Allen. Who I never really formulated an opinion on because I don’t listen to her music and, well, she was kicked out of my country.

But now I love her. She’s 22, and recently announced that she was pregnant with her boyfriend of like three minutes’ child. An unfortunate life situation. And while everybody was all “OMG, how fabulous, I’m so happy for you, how about a maternity line!” she’s all “Well, I’m a bit young, aren’t I? I don’t think that would be a very good example.”

So, bravo, Lily Allen. You make sense.

Second, I read Valerie Plame Wilson’s book this today after waiting FOREVER for it at the library (Yes, I know I work at a bookstore. Shut up. I like the impersonal online ordering.) Two Three observations:

1.) I kind of dig the redactions. It’s cool.
2.) I want her engagement ring. No, really. It’s beautiful.
3.) God, she’s annoyingly gorgeous.

Interesting, though. I highly recommend it.

Third: Carson Kressley’s How to Look Good Naked (wanna know how long I’ve been working at Borders? I typed HT Look Good Naked. *sigh*) premiered last night.

And good Lord, I want Carson to take me bra shopping.

It was like a half-hour long therapy session, and, as much as I hate to admit it, it made me feel better! Because the girl on there was way older and definitely larger than me, and everybody loved her! So I feel better about myself.

And I’ll definitely watch again.

Right now I’m going to go soak up this healthy booze with some food, though.


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