A lot of nothing.

Those Family Ties DVDs I got for Christmas aren’t going to watch themselves, dammit.

Very tired. Not sure why. Slept until like ten thirty, too. Hmm. Perplexing.

Would you like me to start talking in actual sentences now? Okay

Managed to almost comletely avoid the Packer crap going on, in only by leaving the house, getting my hair done, and going to Mass.

Quite possibly the fastest Mass I’ve ever been to, and one of the most sparsely attended. It was me and my mom and a bunch of old women. Frankly, the priest was phoning it it.

But I did get my hair cut, and I think I’m pleased with the results.

Of course, I vacillated between feeling like I had a mullet, a poodle head, back to mullet, and then a lesbian-like shag (Mom: What do you mean shag? Me: How many ways can you take shag in reference to hair? Like the carpet!!!), because it’s shorter and curlier towards the top (hence the mullet).

But I like it now.

However, due to certain *ahem* conditions at my house, my stylist was horrified at how dry my hair was and suggested that I get a humidifyer. *sigh*

Strike post. I’ve been silent for 10 weeks, and I know you’re upset.


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