PBS is doing the complete Jane Austen, and they just finished the first one, Persuasion. Which, I must admit, is not my favorite. I read it during the night like five years ago when I couldn’t sleep and it just didn’t do it for me.

But, oh, my, Lord, do I love it now.

Colleen: I’m so excited. I just peed myself.

Dad: WHAT!?!?!?!?

Next week: Northanger Abbey. *squee*

Cleaned my shower today. It was getting scary. I’ve kind of been avoiding cleaning the drain because just the thought of pulling gunky hair out of it makes me want to retch, and so the water has kind of been collecting and sitting in the bottom of the shower for the ten minutes or so it takes to drain.

I know, pretty, right?

But thanks to Kaboom and my now sore back, it is very clean. Yay.

Still like my hair.

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