I am the worst art student ever.

It’s been one of the dryer months on record.

I have driven nowhere but GHS, Best Buy for DVD runs, and occasionally-very occasionally- work for five weeks.

And now, when I have to be somewhere at eight tomorrow morning it drops eight inches???

Where is the justice?

Also, I just read the syllabus for my online Baroque art history class, and wow, I am so confused. I get that there are weekly quizzes. But beyond that? I guess there are weekly content PowerPoint lectures with and without audio, but then there are other content PowerPoint lectures that aren’t, and then exams for which you cannot be late omg, but first of all, how can you do an identification exam online? Won’t everybody be sitting with their flashcards on their laps??? And how can we be late if it’s online? Because it can’t be at a specific time or, statistically, 25% of the people will be in another class. And the discussion group postings? Where if your name starts with a Z and it’s the first Monday after the first Tuesday you have to post? Don’t get me started.

I’m really hoping it gets clearer once the D2L site is up tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, the picture at the top of the syllabus? Is de la Tour’s Penitent Magdalene, which I love like whoa because (and hold onto your hats, because I only get artsy once in a…aw, hell, NEVER), but it’s one of those that I really connected to. It’s so pretty and so dark and I just absolutely love it.

And also? Dude, it was in The Little Mermaid. I kind of want to buy a poster of it, JUST BECAUSE.

Well, children, it appears that I shall have to brave wind and driving snow at like six o’clock tomorrow morning, so I’m going to sign off now. Good night!!!


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