I am paying $8,000 a year to hone my Guitar Hero strategy.

Today in American Popular Music (which is less popular music and more crazy boring genre music) we learned about 32 and 12 bar patterns, which are ways a song can progress. So first we listened to a pop song for awhile and then we listened to some boring jazz recording over and over again it was clear that we really needed to know the 12-bar pattern for the class because omg, how could anyone possible like the treacly popular crap shoved down our throats by the man while there is REAL music to be had!?!?!? (Slightly paraphrased, but that was his gist.)

And I couldn’t help but think that, well, yeah, I probably need to be able to recognize the 12 bar thingy for the midterm, but learning to anticipate the 32 bar one could really help me with Guitar Hero!!!

My parents are so proud.


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