Witness a New Level of Dorkdom

I’m watching, actually watching, the State of the Union.

And I squeed when the Supreme Court justices walked in. They’re wearing their cool robes. Dude. I’d wear that thing to the grocery.

(If you’ve been reading for any amount of time, you’ll know that this is quite an honor. I generally don’t squee unless I’m drunk or want to have the sque-ee’s babies. Neither applies here, which is a sign of emotional growth, I think.)

Now the congress people are bobbing up and down depending on the party line.

My favorite part is when some well-meaning junior representative starts to clap and no one else does. HAHAHAHAHA.


Dude. Hillary just gave somebody the death glare. And Barack and Ted Kennedy? Are sitting right next to each other like big dumb girls. I wonder if they have the same study hall, too.

Also? Pelosi’s frantic and freakish blinking? Is making me dizzy. And Dick Cheney’s freakish stare is making me feel stalked.

Only other things going on are of the technological and scholarly variety.

The printer decided that it didnt like it’s new ink, and it was going to stop working. So new printer and much gnashing of teeth, etc. later, I finally have my notes printed off.

I also know entirely too much about the conception of my professor’s daughter. Frankly, any information I have on the subject is too much, but the position used to achieve said daugher? WAY TOO FAR.


I’m going to go have a little government party in my head, mmmkay?


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