Totally unrelated and separated by an icon.

Lost’s 4th season is premiering in like half an hour, and ABC is running a little wrap up for those of us who stopped watching because it went up against CSI:NY may be a little lost.


Remember when Lost was amazing and cool? Like that first year, when the whole big thing was Hatch and the polar bear? Do you remember the polar bear!?!?! Dude. The polar bear was where it was AT.

The semester it premiered, I had a biology lab at 7:30 on Thursday mornings. And for the entire semester, my professor, the other girl whose name I’m forgetting, and I dissected (ha! no pun intended!) the previous night’s episode. It was fun. Way more fun than whatever it is we were supposed to be studying. In fact, I remember the first polar bear episode, and Dr. Saleska said his wife thought he was crazy when he told her that OMG THERE TOTALLY WAS A POLAR BEAR!!!

I want to it be like that again, not this crazy three-societies-fertility-specialist-omgwtf-Kate-and-Jack-in-the-future?!?!?!?

Okay. The Kate and Jack in the future thing was pretty cool.

I was sitting in environmental science today and eavesdropping on the two girls behind me (let’s face it, there was very little else to do). One was finishing her philosophy degree and was talking about a professor (who taught my logic class last year).

Not-Philosophy Girl: Wait, who is Tierney?

Philosophy Girl: He’s the Australian. Like straight-up.

Me: How can you be “straight-up Australian”?

Not-Philosophy Girl: Oooh. Is he hot?

Me: *snickers* Um. No. I think Mary and I named him Ron Weasley’s Rat.

Philosophy Girl: Um. No…

Philosophy Girl: …but he’s probably a dreamboat to you. You like any authority figure with an accent.
Not-Philosophy Girl: True. Very true.
I really felt like turning around and offering my services as bff and late-night-binge hair-holder because OMG WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON DO YOU HAVE FACEBOOK???!!!
Well, that’s about as much about me that you need to know. At least for tonight.

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