Are you sick of me yet?

Because I kind of am. And I write the damn thing.

Le anyhoodles, this is going to be kind of quick because I’m tired, just realized that the day is almost over, have to leave the house at 6:40 tomorrow morning (Friend’s car *and* glasses broke. That sucks.), and am in the middle of a fantastic book about Anne Stuart.

Speaking of which, my new royal obsession? Is the whole Civil War/Glorious Revolution/Stuart Dynasty thing.

Because- dude! They have secret Catholics and crazy dictators and a guy who was known to say, “L’etat c’est moi” (I am the state) and dear God how did I miss this whole two hundred and fifty year period between Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria!?!?!

Well, I guess it’s because I have a tendency to hop through history focusing on pretty dresses. And while all those good Protestants that England was so fond of were good for the government and stable economy and all, notsomuch with the dresses.

So yeah, that’s probably why.

FYI, it’s not entirely my fault. A cursory search for “english civil war” or “glorious revolution” on Amazon doesn’t turn up much, mostly document collections from the 1980s, which, excuse me, *snore*. If Alison Weir hasn’t done it, I guess it doesn’t get much publicity.

Totally not even worthy for the internets and my faithful reader Mommy, I FINALLY FOUND KHAKI PANTS!!!

They’re not amazing, and I’m pretty sure I still don’t look chic and effortless like khaki pants are supposed to make one look, but at least they don’t give the impression of *insert rude name for part of a camel’s foot here* or actually show the cellulite on my thighs.

So yay!!!

Finally, it’s Speshul cat. Hahaha.

(I’d be laughing even harder if we hadn’t had to study that photograph in physiological psychology last semester. *shivers*)


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