Very Industrious Snow Day

Notes on Yesterday’s Comments:
Rockford: You’re allowed to complain.
Mickey: Of course you would
Imladris: They’re not even fat. It sucks.

Today I:

1.) Slept until 9:00. Decided whatever I do with my life needs to start sometime after 10:00. One more point for professor, one less for crazy lawyer drone.

2.) Watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Decided that Clive Owen is my intended. Also? Amazing movie.

3.) Watched Across the Universe. Decided that Jim Sturgess was my intended. And also? That I wouldn’t have done well in the ’60s.

4.) Watched about thirty seconds of an ABC Family movie because I though the guy in it was inexplicably Dominic Cooper. It wasn’t. Decided that Dominic Cooper was my intended, even though he’s never been in an ABC Family movie.

*Haven’t actually done it yet, but undoubtedly will*

5.) Watched Moment of Truth. Decided that I wouldn’t want to know if Clive/Jim/Dominic were cheating on me. And also? That I’m just a gossip monger.


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