Today has been canceled due to debilitating headache.

Because I stupidly thought, “Ha! No headache today! I’m not even going to bother taking Advil Cold and Sinus!!!” and romped out the door.

An hour later I was suffering through an interminable British history lecture while my eyes were glassed over, my nose was spewing puss all over my notes, and I felt as though I had either the worst hangover ever or a knife shoved into my eye sockets.

And I was SO NOT paying attention to John Wesley’s Methodist church and the religious revival (Digression: I don’t think that’s the right word. But the only other one I can think of is “reformation” and when you say that it means something totally different. Any thoughts?) and what tastefully bullet-pointed (I swear to God if I have to sit through one more list I’m going to drop the damn class.) four points they lent to British culture but instead contemplated hurling myself to the parking lot below BECAUSE THEN THE PAIN WOULD STOP MABYE???

Also? Driving home sneezing and wanted to ram your head through the dashboard during a snowstorm? Not fun. Not fun at all.

Went out last night, for the first time since the semester started, and had lots of fun. California Pizza Kitchen is quite good, even if the decor has been overdone, and APPLE CRISP OMG BESTEST EVER!!!

Then we trekked around Bayshore while Derrick showed us outfits he had previously purchased (not a lot going on on Monday nights…) and then we went to Barnes and Noble and bitched about work. And I reshelved Suite Francais. I’m sorry. It’s habit.

Then Derrick asked me if I was wearing a garter belt and Aaron almost fell off the sidewalk he was laughing so hard.

Hey, you know what? I haven’t talked about classes like, at all lately. Which is a marked difference (improvement?) from last semester when almost every entry had a sentence about some new way I dreamed up for my psychology professor to die). So I’ll talk about them now.

They’re pretty okay. Britain’s great, although I form a better (more volatile?) opinion after the test on Thursday. Music kind of is wicked boring and I’m kind of worried because I don’t know what the hell he’s going to ask us on the midterm, but I kind of like it.

Women/Gender is okay, I’m a little sick of hearing her horror stories about college for women in the 1970s, mostly because I know it’s a total crock. My mom was in law school (still a male dominated profession) at the same time, and was hardly persecuted. But I get it, she’s bitter. Asian Americans? Boooooooring.

And environmental science? I wouldn’t know, because I don’t understand a word the guy says.

But something is bothering me. Majorly. Every single one of my professors has a massively annoying verbal tick.

Asia woman says “basically” basically every other word.

Women/Gender likes to say “duh” a lot. That inspires confidence.

Britain guy puts “formally” with everything, even if there is no informal equivalent. Did you know that William of Orange formally died in 1702? I really wanted to raise my hand and ask when he informally passed.

Music Guy’s has all to do with the fact that he won’t stop saying “all to do with…” I want to hurt him.

Environmental Science Guy finishes every single slide with, “Do you agree?” (At least as far as I can tell. Sometimes it gets a little dicey.

Finally, every time Art History Woman finishes an audio file (it’s an online class)? There’s this breathing out as though she’s been holding her breath.

It’s gonna be a long time until May.

I go to make brownies. Because I want to eat them. Badly.


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