It’s no longer Murphy’s law, it’s MINE.

Apropos of nothing, Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s brother was sworn in by the Chief Justice a couple of days ago, lucky bastard.

That would happen in my family. I would toil away in law school and spend the summer studying for the bar and then get sworn in by some flunkie on the Wisconsin Supreme Court who probably ignores confict of interest rules.

My sister would probably go away, fly through law school, get drunk the night before the bar but pass anyway, and then end up getting sworn in by John freakin’ Roberts, Judicial Wonder Boy and jurisprudential badass.

And I’d have to show up in an ill-fitting dress and sit with my parents and pretend to be happy for her.

But hey, I could console myself with my vastly smaller student loans and the fact that I’d still be around to pick up my brother from high school.

(And no, I don’t know why my brother is still in high school in this hypothetical where my sister and I are in our late twenties, but that’s the way it is. )

(I couldn’t link directly to the video, but it’s under the Hot Topics: K Arthur Filarski link. My favorite part? When they compare him to Darrin from Bewitched. Haha.)


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