In which I am accompanied by my Empress and do my civic duty all the while compromising my principles. But I did have a muffin.

Obscenely early trip to GHS when I had to physically restrain her from leaping from the car and telling several passing students that SHE WOULDN’T BE THERE TODAY LOSERS.

As though that wasn’t enough, I was under strict instructions from my mother to “omg don’t show her anything not pretty, do you think you can find a hot guy to show you around? what do you mean you don’t have time for lunch maybe you should skip a class so you can show her that there are many fun lunch options ONLY PRETTY PEOPLE DID YOU HEAR ME? IF SHE LEAVES IT’S YOUR FAULT!!!!”

Or, you know, something like that.

I was not able to find a hot guy to take her to lunch, but I did manage to take her to a class with a blue urine story, which surely must count for something. And there was muffinage.

Then I voted- whoo!!! For someone I disagree with almost completely and I actually felt a little teensy bit ill filling in the little box but it’s okay! I’m alright with it! I like being a sabatour! No! Really! I’m fine!

(I am pretty sure that my grandfather would tell me I was going to hell though. Which is why I didn’t talk to him about it.)

But as I was leaving the town hall, Colleen like jumps up behind me and goes “Who did you vote for!??!?!” When I informed her that frankly it was none of her damn business, she looked seriously disturbed for a moment before screeching like a howler monkey about how I seriously need to tell here what it wasn’t HILARY WAS IT?!?!?!

(No, it wasn’t.)

Now I’ve been doing reading and shit for like five hours and dammit I’m tired!!!

Um, yeah. No shit. Perhaps I should publish a paper “Undergrads Like Those Too!!!” and forgo this whole “capstone” thingy.

(Which I’ve been having an existential crisis about lately anyways. But that’s another entry.)


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