Red Letter Day

New pictures on Flickr, including a couple from the Super Bowl party when I was drinking entirely too much out of entirely too little interest, and that may be why my cousins look like shapeless blobs. But go check them out.

Not really a fantastic day, but several rather fun and not unpleasent things occurred, and as I have nothing else to talk about except how unbelievably pissed I am that Lost keeps drawing me back in Kate raising Aaron, wtf???, you’re going to hear about them.

-Last night I got a letter from UWM saying “OMG UR SO SMART COME GET CERTIFICATES PLEASE?!?!?” Or rather, I received sophomore honors and can go to a boring ceremony on some random Sunday afternoon which I won’t because, hello, boring and SUNDAY AFTERNOON when I could be watching Crossing Over or American Justice or maybe even a Snapped marathon, but still cool.

– Got my hugely stressful essay (as in, one huge-ass essay) test back with a…wait for it…100. As in I got every single point you could possible eke out of that damn essay and everybody else got like B-‘s and I am thrilled, dammit. And my Lord was the professor taking his sweet time getting them back to us, going over the grading and doing the “Chin up, you’ll do better next time!” speech and whatever, old man, I just want my damn test!!! When he was handing them out and said “Kathleen…{mangled last name that’s totally not right}? Is that right?” I just went “Yeah,” and grabbed the book. But is okay. Because I’m smart!!!

-Mostly likely did not fail environmental geology test, as it was ridiculously easy and not nauseating at all. Whew.

-Actually saw Hot TA. And he smiled at me. Although that may have been more of a “Response to the Crazy Staring At Me With a Look That Says 18 Months Ago She Wanted to Have My Babies SOOOO Badly” smile than an “OMG I want you to have my babies!!!” smile, but hey, I’ll take it. Incidentally, he’s put on weight. Not a lot, but still. Which isn’t bad, because I do not like to be in worse shape than the person I’m lusting after. I can’t obsess over David Beckham. It would be too depressing. And make the brownie sundaes I’ve taken to living off of seem less normal. I don’t think Hot TA would turn down a brownie sundae anymore.

-My hair looked good. Enough for it’s own section.



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