Far fewer cogs.

Things may actually be creeping forward re: Sister Smoke-Out 2008.

I know, right?

I finally got my parents to figure out where all the furniture was going, because I, quite logically, realized that if we know exactly what rooms need to be cleaned out, there will be far fewer rooms for me to facilitate.

(Side Note: Daddy dragged me up to the attic a few nights ago, in order to tell me what he wanted done. Which mostly consisted of “straightening up”. Which makes no sense. And everything I was supposed to straighten? Was covered in bugs. Um. Yeah. No. So I haul myself back up there yesterday, all bright eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to facilitate. Hah. No. I grouped the holidays together, and then kind of figured that since NOTHING WAS GOING UP HERE ANYWAYS, Daddy probably would think it was clean. Mom agreed, incidentally. And let me tell you, for a man who didn’t notice when his entire bedroom was changed for an entire week? He caught on to my less-than-complete “straightening” job in like two minutes. Yeah. That was a pointless story.)

Okay. Anyway. Before, there was this whole huge thing where for some reason both attics and the basement had to be cleaned, and my parent’s room, and the hallway for some reason that I haven’t figure out because the computer can’t go both places, but whatever, because the furniture all had to be moved to undisclosed locations. Now, the huge sofa that, excuse me, wasn’t making it upstairs anyway is just being tossed (*squee*), half the furniture is going to Colleen’s new larger room, and the other half is going to become a “hearth room” in the kitchen.

Except, you know, lacking a hearth.

But I’m thrilled about this, because our kitchen is kind of just a shit hole where people pile crap and then yell at me when I repile the crap someplace else where no one will see it. And the kitchen table is a very large receptacle for this crap. And now it will be gone. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

So now really the only cog is cleaning out the homeschooling stuff, which Mommy Dearest has promised to do soon. And then I can wallpaper and move the stuff. *squee*

And there will be a ceiling fan estimate next week sometime. YAY!!!

But then yesterday Mom came up with an issue. Apparently, her entire dating/courtship/engagement took place on her parents’ couch in the family room. And now we won’t have a family room! OR a a couch!!! And where for the love of God will we court!?!?!?!

After I stopped laughing, I hastened to assure my mother that this wouldn’t be that big of an issue, because, um, has she met me? And she’s all, Oh, but you might find someone tomorrow!!! And I’m all, yeah, but I wouldn’t want to bring them back here the day after!!!

And then she was all, “But wait! What about like after Easter dinner? You’re not going to send him home when the rest of the family leaves!”

Um. Yeah. After Easter dinner, I’m bloated, drunk, and going to be really pissed that I have to go to school the next day. He’ll be lucky if I let him come at all and don’t yell, “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE I HAVE TO BE IN HISTORY IN TEN HOURS AND DAYTON IN 48 I LOVE YOU BUT LEAVE THE THE HELL ALONE!!!”

And we wonder why I’m single.


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