In flux.

Okay. 48 hour plan is in place. 48 plan was in shambles earlier this morning when we discoveredt hat we neglected to realize that there IS NO INTERNET IN THE FREAKING KITCHEN WHERE THE COMPUTER IS GOING!!!!! Then the 48 hour plan was back on when we realized we just needed an adapter. And then the 48-hour plan as back off when we realized the ELECTRONICS DO NOT WORK MUST MAKE BROWNIES.

So I made brownies. And then almost finished the room.

And the wallpaper? I love. So much more than I will *ever* love my husband.

I can’t wait to finally move in.

Ooh, also??? It looks like Borders and Best Buy had a love child that threw up all over. What with all the books and DVD sets and all.

Ooh, and also squared??? If I lent you David Starkey’s Six Wives will you please let me know? Because I can’t find it, and I don’t know where I could have put a 750-page Tudor tome.

(Oh, who am I kidding. I could have put it like sixteen different places with all my other 750-page Tudor tomes.)

(I still want to know about it though.)

(I’m really tired and haven’t eaten today and am going to go to bed now, mmkay???)

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