We shall be married in the morning!!!

We watched Enchanted last night, and omg, the 5-year-old in me was incredibly thrilled, and the 20-year-old thought it was FREAKING HILARIOUS. So, so funny.



And there was Irish coffee. Which always makes things very good.

Today I went to Mass, out to coffee, watched like five hours of The Gilmore Girls, two hours of History of Britain (up to 1688—whoo!!!), and now I’m really hungry and headachy.

This morning at the end of Mass was the whole nomination process for the parish committees, when members had the option of writing the name of the person they wanted nominated on a card. And let me tell you, it was not an appropriate time for Colleen, Mary, and I to be sitting together.

Ultimately we decided that “Cookie Monster” should win out for Parish Council, but “Chuck E. Cheese” put up a good show, as well as the underdog favorite, “yo momma”.

Oh, we’re going to hell.

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