The Return of the Pop Stand

I got three whole comments on Facebook, so I’m amending my post on Monday to include the following:

Even if I let Derrick guilt me into law school, spend a hundred thousand dollars on a degree that I don’t want, spend three years of my life holed up in a study going over minute points and occaisonally throwing casebooks at his sweet little head (Oh, sweetie, you’d better believe I’m making you sit with me, and let’s face it, we’ll probably be living together anyways, as I don’t generally like people but not you! I like you!) to become a lawyer and never see sunlight again and wear pantyhose all year long and develop and ulcer and have to stop wearing contact lenses (it happened to my mom, it can happen to me) and finally live up to my family legacy and have a breakdown, only to spend a few years on thorazine before becoming legal counsel for Derrick’s brand new nation with a fabulous new White House color, which would kind of negate it being white, and then become a sociopath with cats, it’s okay.

Still better than this.

In legal news, SCOTUS handed down a lethal injection decision today. And I am NOT amused. It is indeed a rare thing when I am in agreement with Ginsburg and Souter.

Seriously? 7-2? I read the transcript, and it totally sounded like it was going the other way. I know it’s a conservative court, but it’s also stacked with Catholics, who apparently DON’T LET MURDER BOTHER THEM. And the Pope’s even in town! You could have thrown him a token decision.

Oh, boys, you screwed up this time. Perhaps a favorable gun control verdict could redeem you.

Or maybe I’ll just wait for Boston Legal next week.


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