Saturday Night, writing endnotes and watching the Pope.

I did actually go out for dinner with a friend earlier, and had to turn down another invitation, so it doesn’t make me suck quite as much as I normally would for writing a paper on a Saturday night.

Anyhoodles, the Pope did a Youth and Seminarians thing today, and my God, those priests are BABIES. Seriously. They look like they’re about my age.

Which means two things. I’m getting old, and the Church is probably in trouble because I don’t want to think about ANYONE my age being in charge of anyone’s spiritual development.

No, I kid. They all looked happy and devoted, etc. There was one who was making funny faces at the camera, and looked like every single guy I know.

(Physically he looked just like Derrick, which made me laugh a little because somehow I don’t ever picture Derrick in the clergy.)

It’s too bad that Milwaukee doesn’t have that many young seminarians, because I really think that if people could see how young people and truly devote their lives to God (not in a cloying way, like with chastity pleges-*barf*) it would strengthen the Church.


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