I guess…

…it’s technically Sunday, as per the little clock that says 1:02 A.M. on my computer, but I haven’t been to bed yet, so that counts as today, right? Right??? I’m saying it is, because I am not losing my totally self-imposed year of blogging on some ranodm day in April.

So…dinner dance.

I now have seen and heard drunk people do so many different things that I never ever wanted to see or hear, and I’m pretty sure that I have to change parishes.

Not to say that I didn’t have fun, because I totally did, and it was quite possibly the best night of my life because OMG THE THINGS I HEARD!!!, but I had a total Nanny Diaries moment when I was sitting alone at the ticket table, and there’s the group of hugely successful parishoners standing right in front of it, being complete drunken assholes. In front of practically a child, and a woman. It was kind of annoying.

Anyhoodles, no nudity (which happened last year, apparently), but I did get to see a priest dancing to “Brick House”. So I guess it’s a wash.

I’m going to bed now.

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