New Stuff

Changed the template. And if you’re not like spectacular amounts of stupid you probably noticed that already. Unless of course you are, in which case I meant no offense, and welcome!!! But I’m pretty sure it’s just my mom, my aunt, and my sister reading this, and they’re all pretty darn smart.

My mom is too smart. That’s why when I took over the den she had to move her law degree, because we could both foresee sometime in the future when, during a dark night of the soul, I drunkenly rip it off the wall and scratch out her name and write in mine with Sharpie.

(Not so implausible. Our last names are the same, and my middle name is kind of the same, just have to take out the -ie part, and dammit, I know how to write Latin.)

(Also? Kind of crazy.)

Yeah. It’s safely up in her room now.

I forget where I’m going with this. I don’t know if I had a point, actually. I’m pretty tired, and kind of stressed about the end of the semester (I actually made out little pages for each day left, with everything I have to do written on them.)

(See? Law degree scrapage isn’t looking so silly now, is it???)

Ooh, Amazon! A Wish list! I has it again! It shows up on the bottom of the sidebar, so, you know, should you wake up one morning going, “How shall I show Kathleen that she makes my life worth living today?”, the DVD of A History of Britain, or- better yet- The Power of Art would totally suffice.

See, I’m kind of considering transferring to Columbia to stalk the guy who does those two DVDs. And not, for once, because I want him or have named our children.

(I know, right? He’s about the right age, by which I mean eligible to fight in Korea, the right nationality, and lacking in any pleasing aesthetic features, so he should be right up my alley. I think this is a sign of maybe becoming normal.)

(Eh, maybe not. The whole law degree thing just came back to me.)

(Oh, and I just remembered that I had a conversation about pig sex with two coworkers this afternoon and how we can apply this to apparently my artificial insemination. That’s not terribly normal.)

No. He’s just ******* hilarious, and awesome, and my essay about Rembrandt on my last art history exam was due entirely to the Rembrandt episode of Power of Art, which kind of says a lot about how I like to prepare for exams, and also quite a lot about the series, because I got a 98%, so yeah.

I don’t think I had a point here, either. Except buy me stuff.

Always a good point.

(ETA: Wow. I just realized that there are a gajillion parentheses in this post. Sorry.)


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