Who said higher education doesn’t teach you anything practical?

I now know how to pretend to be a virgin prostitute. Should I ever need to feign virginity, I know exactly how to use astringent to do so.

Ooh, and I got a 100% on my history paper. I fully believe it is due entirely to my beautiful endnotes that when I look at I am filled with the kind of joy people feel when gazing upon newborns, or having sex or something.
*End of the crazy shit going down in History 242*

Okay. End of the semester. Have a ton of stuff to do. Being an incredibly organized crazy bitch girl, I have come up with an ingenious solution to this issue, and using Post-It notes, I have created a sheet for each day until the end of school, outlining exactly what tasks I must complete each and every day or I don’t know, zombies will come eat me or something and I’ll die homeless and alone. When I finish a day, I cross off the stuff and pull off the Post-It.

Today I crossed off all my things and then celebrated by watching five episodes of Gilmore Girls straight. My sister got tired of my devoted fandom after hour two, and I’m pretty sure by the end even my mom was sick of it. But I do not care, because the Gilmore Girls? I loves them. I want to be them. Except I’d be the fat one. That would not be fun.

I’m taking a break for Criminal Minds. Then I’m watching more.

ETA: Lassie? From Psych? Just showed up on Boston Legal. And I’m pretty sure my mind literally exploded.

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