PAWS and I are back together.

Morena: I’m going to register. I’m typing in my password.

PAWS: Okay.

Morena: What? No cutting out? No server crashing? PAWS, I am astonished.

PAWS: I know, right? I think I might be growing up.

Morena: That’s great. Look! I’m typing in the numbers and not even ripping out my hair or biting my fingernails. Which I never did before. You introduced a bad habit there, PAWS.

PAWS: I know. And Morena?

Morena: Yes, PAWS?

PAWS: I’m sorry I made you cry last time. I’m glad you’re going to be a junior.

Morena: Oh, PAWS. That’s so sweet of you.

PAWS: *blushes*

Morena: Do you think we can work something out about the methods class with only one section that I absolutely have to take next spring and am already obsessing about despite the fact that I can’t register for seven months? Since we’re besties again?

PAWS: So you are still a crazy bitch. That’s good. I was worried we’d lost you to the normal side.

Morena: Oh, don’t worry about that. You’ll be stuck with me for years. I’m pretty much going to rot in Holton Hall.

PAWS: O happy day.


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