I had so much to do today.

And I did exactly none of it. I hauled myself down to campus, wrote about the evils of partition for seventy-five minutes (My God, after the SIXTH COUNTRY IT DIDN’T WORK IN, you’d think Britain would have gotten the clue.), almost fell asleep studying blues, failed blues, snuck out of blues before they could make me play the harmonica of doom one last time, threw my notes in the trash, and intellectually checked out.

Tomorrow I could go have a free kosher lunch and get extra credit for listening to a guy talk about a new Jewish museum in Berlin, which sounds wicked boring right? and I already have a 98 average in that class, except did I mention FREE KOSHER LUNCH? Because if the Center for Jewish Studies can do anything, it’s put out a nice spread.

Instead I’ll probably stay home and do everything I didn’t to today. With also a free lunch, but not put out for me in a lovely buffet.


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