Yep. Definitely need more.

Does anyone watch Bones? If you do, and didn’t see the finale last night, then don’t read until the little *** sign, at which we will completely change topics with absolutely no shift whatsoever okay? ‘Cuz I needs to vent.

WTF, dudes? Zach? Seriously? No. No. Objectively it was an amazing episode and all, I mean, seriously good, but no. Just no. I love Zach, I love their whole group, and to have him become a monster like that just completely ruins things. I know this sounds weird and all, but I don’t think I can even watch the old episodes the same way, because I’ll know he’s a crazy killer.

Grr. I don’t like this.

At least they cleared up the cannibalism thing. I would have had to have thrown out my DVDs.


At the coffee place at school, instead of piping in music they use the baristas’ iPods on shuffle. Which is a cool idea, except that I’d have to quit because I’d spend half my time leaping over counters to change the song because it landed on something embarrassing, what? No Fleetwood Mac or cheesy pop here, no siree, just keep moving.

Such as when two Clay Aiken songs in a row came on this afternoon, and Imladris (She of the Europop techno fabulousity) almost had a coronary. And then changed the CD.

Whatever. I like me.


I just found out that Golden Boy is in Barcelona sipping wine on a balcony.

I am not in Barcelona. But I did drive back and forth to St. Mary’s like six times today and that is SO NOT THE SAME THING and now I really want some wine.


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