Stuff I Love, Stuff I Hate, and Stuff I’m Hoping For

I’m not feeling terribly cohesive today. (As opposed to every other day, I know, right?) Didn’t sleep well last night, kind of waited around this morning to pick up Grandpa, and now I have a headache for no reason and I swear to God I think I have a brain tumor. And for the past twelve hours I’ve been randomly thinking of things and going, “Oh! I love that, I should write about it.” Or, “Oh! That pisses me off! I should write about that.” But as you probably don’t want to hear about my love of in shower facials or the fact that my ends are split, I’ll combine them for you.

Stuff I Love:

(I feel I must warn you- I went to Target yesterday and had a veritable personal hygiene orgy. I love pharmaceuticals.)

Burt’s Bees lip balm. I’m a Carmex girl, but lately I’ve found it drying. And so I found this and thought, hey, why not. And now I love it like whoa. Don’t like the honey one, though. It smells nasty.

-Clean and Clear In-Shower facial scrub. Likewise, my skin has been dry. (Do we see a pattern here???) This? Is amazing, and if it was normal and legal to mate with a facial scrub? I would do it with this any day of the week. For serious.

-Do you know that Dove makes a roll-on now??? All the goodness of Dry Idea, but all the goodness of Dove Powder. I know I should not be this excited about deodorant, but dammit, I am.

-Remember last year? When I discovered McDonald’s iced coffee? Good times, until I realized that it was 270 calories a glass? And then I had to go make myself throw up?
I’m kidding.

Not really. Bulimia is nothing to joke about.

Also I don’t have that kind of willpower.

Anyhoodles, they came out with a new sugar-free version. Which is only 90 calories and if the In-Shower Facial rejected my advances, you’re next Sugar-Free Vanilla Iced Coffee available for the low, low price of $1.69 for a medium. I loves you.

The House at Riverton, by Kate Morton. Seriously the best book I’ve read in a long time. A poet kills himself at a party between the wars. Two sisters witness it, but never speak to each other again, and a third witness, the maid, never tells anyone what really happened. I forgot about how much I love moisturizer while I finished it.

-National Treasure 2 on DVD. That was funny. I’d forgotten how funny it was. And I also forgot how much my beautiful employer PIMPED ITSELF OUT. Seriously. They did everything but add, “Yes, we figured out why Baddie wanted to sell the letter, but let’s forget about that for a moment while you enjoy a lovely hot Seattle’s Best beverage and have you checked out the bestsellers and new releases table?” to the dialogue. The book signing made me laugh too because, dude, I’ve worked at signings like that. Signings where you feel compelled to buy the book because it’s so dead.

-Indy 4! Tonight! At midnight! Whee!!!

Stuff I Hate:

-*Please endure my woeful self-absorption for this next section. I need your opinion.* My hairstylist. Is on vacation. Until June 6th. And doesn’t have any openings on Friday the 6th, but does on Saturday the 7th, but only during the early part of the day when I work. I know, right? You’re checking out, because blah blah blah hair blah blah. But no! This is bad! I’m not sure I can get off on the 7th, and on the 8th? Is my sister’s graduation.

Or the day when the girl who is younger, taller, thinner, and way prettier with a hair appointment already scheduled will be the center of attention. And I will be sitting on the bleachers in a lovely dress with hair like Diana Freaking Ross trying desperately to keep my knees together. I’d like to at least have nice hair.

But here’s the thing. I was going to straighten it anyway, because I tend to look more polished and less frizzy and it could be 112 degrees that day. But if I get it cut on Saturday, there won’t be enough time to let it get greasy and pretty and then straighten it. I know it looks good straightened now, but I have terrible split ends.

So do you think I look too horrible to just let it go and straighten it? Or should I get it cut and risk a frizzy mullet???

-My crazy-ass headache. Why. Why? I have no stress. I read and watch the Gilmore Girls. WHY!?!?!?

-The fact that the damn schedule isn’t up for next week yet. And won’t be up probably until closing tomorrow. And I won’t get it until Friday. And I want to know if I’m working on Sunday dammit. *grumblegrumblegrumble*

Stuff I’m Hoping For:

– A Harry Potter trailer attached to the movie tonight. I know, it’s a lot to ask. But it has to be with something this summer, and this and Batman are the only big openings, right? I’m pretty sure that they are. And I really want to see it. ‘Cuz. Um. Hello, I’m weird like that.


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