I’ll look like a huge, puffy, marshmallow virgin.

I don’t like summer. I hate being hot, I hate the humidity that does ungodly awful and unnatural things to my hair, and I really, really hate beign forced to give up my flattering sweaters and peacoat for short sleeves.

But I actually went shopping today, and managed to spend a hundred dollars and find several items that didn’t make me want to retch at the sight of myself, so that was a success, I suppose. And my mom was able to come with me, which was lovely and fun. When I shop alone I get depressed and end up convinced that nothing looks good so I waste an hour, get really sad, and then come home with nothing. It is not a pleasant experience.

Several of the items that were left in the store were white dresses. This further enforced the idea I already had that I will never, ever look good in a white wedding dress. This is rather depressing as I am one of approximately three women in the United States who are fully capable of wearing white on their wedding days, and dammit, I want to be able to wear white!

I suppose it’s a good thing I have found someone to design my dress. He’s got his work cut out for him.

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