I swear, American Idol really doesn’t have that much to do with my life.

It just so happens that tonight, both my topics are related.

Shall we get the whole Clay Aiken having a baby thing out of the way? Because I’m startled and confused and slightly nauseated by this. The wording of the article is slightly ambiguous, but I’m pretty sure that they’re not actually together. Most likely because she has girl parts.

So yeah. Clay Aiken is reproducing with the 50-year-old sister of David Foster. I believe the four horsemen should be arriving next week sometime?

My second link is really the second video found here, where the little Entertainment Weekly staffer tells David Cook about her dream where they were making out, and then her Entertainment Weekly partner has to pull her off him and go, “Hey, I like your wedding ring!” I laughed and I laughed.

And agreed. I love him to death. He should release an album quickly, because I would so buy it. Like the real one, not steal a complimentary copy from work and copy it into my library, but a real plastic CD and all. He’s adorable. I want to have his babies.

And pssh, no, Time of My Life is not the most played song on my iPod yet. That would be weird.

ETA: Another album I’m buying a real copy of? Coldplay’s newest, only because of the cover art, one of my favorite paintings ever. Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People, from 1830. I could also tell you that Liberty is a symbolic representation indicating the political culture of the time, and that she was portrayed as topless to invoke the classical goddesses from ancient times, or that the color pallet was muted to make the red of the French flag stand out more, framing the above mentioned symbolic figure. But you probably don’t want to know that.

I would like to know why they used this painting, along with very French themes (at least in Viva La Vida) with a Spanish title that is actually the title of a Frida Kahlo work. It makes very little sense.

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