Moving On

Was that an All-American Rejects song? No. Wait. That was “Move Along”. Huh. Sounds kind of the same.

Oh. I’m sorry. That probably wasn’t terribly interesting for anyone not in my head.

It’s GRE week, and unlike last weeks LSAT depression and dear God, no, I don’t know what order Bill, Fanny, Carol, and Tim will be in if Bill jumps off a bridge six places before Carol, who has to go after Fanny, but Tim sits out, it wasn’t terrible.

Except the verbal part absolutely astounded me. I’ve taken many, many standardized tests, and I have never once had to even think about an answer I gave on a verbal/reading comprehension thing. But these were hard. There were vocab words I had never even heard of. I’m actually going to have to read the section, which annoys me to no end because English is usually my ace in the hole.

Math wasn’t too bad, either. Just some minor review and a lot of practice and I should be okay. This is a good thing, as this is the actual test I’m going to have to take. I still haven’t actually decided yet, but I’m thinking suicide is not a viable career goal.



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