My kids are going to subsist on takout. Which will be promptly thrown away.

Here at Chez Morena there are massive preparations going on in order to celebrate the Empress’ imperial graduation this weekend. We’re having a real party with real people who aren’t Mickey and haven’t already seen us drunk, crying, and screaming (sometimes all at once!), I guess that means even things like the fridge have to be cleaned, which is what I did today. Because what if someone happened to be standing in the kitchen when we opened it and got a glimpse of a crumb! On the shelf! THEN WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF US!?!?

And dear Lord, that maid I’m going to have? Because I dislike bathrooms and floors and vacuuming and so forth? Must do fridges too.

It was worse than crumbs. It was weird drippy weirdness. I’d like to know what engineering genius decided that the bottom shelf the fridge should have a little open thing on the back so that if you inadvertently spill like orange juice or something? Even though you wiped it off the shelf, it will still be on the bottom of the drawers. Because they should be shot.

Grrr. Tomorrow I’m doing the floor. I’m looking forward to it.


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