Completely Underrated Screen Gems Edition

I have very little in my life, so today after I finished writing sonnets to my hair (which is still perfect and I really hope Johnny Depp decided to head north within the next day, because after I wash it it WILL NEVER LOOK THIS GOOD AGAIN) (speaking of Johnny Depp- and really, when are we not?- Hello, Johnny. My keyboard just shorted out, what with all the drool and so forth.), I needed something to watch.

And that brings me to quite possibly one of my favorite movies ever even though I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the entire world who will admit to this- Bewitched.

*looks around for disapproving glances*

Yes, the 2005 Nicole Kidman/Will Ferrell/Completely Random Steve Carell Before He Was Steve Carell version. I mean, my Lord, if Jon Stewart had shown up I probably could have stopped buying DVDs three years ago. As it is, I had to settle for his sidekick, but that’s not really the point.

Oh, shut up. I like kitsch. Is that so bad? And Nicole Kidman has an Oscar. An ACADEMY AWARD, y’all. F’reals. And yeah, it was for the bleak and depressing and worthy The Hours, but does that mean I cannot enjoy her particular talent in a light romp about a witch? Playing a witch? Falling in love with Will Ferrell?

I think not, elitist pig.

I also remembered exactly how much I loved Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe- it’s pretty and feminine but not all annoying and pink. I absolutely loved it. I remember thinking how if I could find clothes like that my entire life would be amazing and there would be peace in the Middle East and India and Pakistan would learn a lesson from that beautiful-skirt-brokered peace and we could all join hands and sing.


And maybe then people would see the loveliness that is Bewitched.


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