I’m not terribly bright.

I never remember to post before going to work, and now I’ve been home for about an hour, watched TV, had dinner, waxed, and checked the internets and I really don’t want to write anything, I just want to go to bed and watch Craig Ferguson. (Because tomorrow! I don’t have to get up! The Empress is taking The Child to drivers ed! Yay!)

And besides, nothing happened today, except that it was Mary’s birthday (yay! Happy Birthday!) and I had breakfast out (Yay! Potatoes!) and then I got a huge long splinter jammed underneath my fingernail and my mom had to pull it out while I looked away and hummed or something to take my mind of the icky grossness of pulling piece of wood from my nail bed (Ew. Gross.), and now it hurts like a bitch and I know why they do that bamboo shoot thing as torture.

So I think I’m going to go soak my finger in hydrogen peroxide (Also? Am paranoid by infections.) and listen to the Storms of the Apocalypse , which are apparently over Ozaukee Co. right about now!


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