Just one of the many benefits of the One True Church.

I read a book about the lives of the popes today, and my God, I do not know of any other group of so many crazy, murderous, simony-ing, concubining NON-PRIESTS (no, for reals, until like 1500 most of them weren’t ordained), at least until about 1700 when they got their act together and from then on things were pretty good.

Anyway. This is something that you clearly need two thousand years of history to accomplish and the Protestants will never ever get to enjoy.

I was slightly amused and slightly riled by the fact that the author was practically canonizing John XXIII, but wasn’t terribly impressed with John Paul II. John Paul II was the Pope from the time I was born until I was 17. As someone who came of age during the final years of his papacy and lived through his death and the subsequent outpouring of sympathy and love, this was such a foreign sentiment to me, and frankly, even taking into account the fact that he’s now on his way to sainthood, uncalled for. I mean, the man did almost single-handedly fell communism. Reagan helped. A little.

Best part of all? Innocent III. Because clearly if you’re going to know a pope, you should know Innocent III, am I right, Mary?


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