Oh the fangirly joy.

Three separate things tonight- two induced fangirly joy, and one made me want to ram my head into a door. But we’ll just call it joy. I too can be an optimist. When I feel like it.

First- I read the Kit books today, because there is a movie coming out an clearly, I need to be up to date on my American Girl stories. Kit was right at the end of my involvement with the company, such that I have the doll but had only read half the stories and not more than once.(Unlike the Kirsten ones. Which I’m pretty sure I could recite if pressed to do so. I know my mom could.) So I read them all today and they’re adorable. I mean, they couldn’t not be, because they’re written by the same woman who did Samantha and Felicity, but still.

I found it kind of amusing that hers is the only series with two parent who aren’t off at war where they didn’t have a baby halfway through. Not surprisingly, what with all the boarders and starvation and such.

So I shall go see the movie and squeal like a six-year-old, and all shall be right with the world.

(Not like last year. When they butchered Molly’s tale. And made her Dad Jewish. Gah.)


I was stalking Stever Carell earlier today, because I think he’s like the funniest thing ever omg, and came across this hi-larious video of him and Anne Hathaway interviewing each other.

I’d first like to point out the creepy esteem in which Anne holds him. It is weird. She pretty much took the job to follow him around. This is weird, but I find it oddly amusing. It’s like if I decided to become an actress and only do movies in which Johnny Depp starred. Which actually makes a lot of sense, if you know me.

Second, the possibility of Stephen Colbert on The Office? Playing Gould? Of Jan Levinson-Gould?

*Mom may want to skip the next sentence, because this word upsets her. Even though Colleen says it like sixteen times a day, mostly just to annoy her I think because rarely does the conversation call for it, except maybe that one time when we were talking about that chicken sandwich, but I’m digressing…*

It would be like a fangirly comedy orgasm.

*Mom can come back now.*

Dear God. I would die. Seriously. I would geek out so hard. The building would have to be checked for structural issues. It would be approaching CSI crossover glee. Not quite, because I’m pretty sure that Gary Sinise would show up and say “Rot in hell, you son of a bitch,” but damn, it would be close!!!


There’s a book club at work that I mostly ignore because book clubs tend to piss me off in that they never actually read the books, just kind of ignore them and talk about their busy lives and sexless marriages and damn, does no one have anything to say about The Observations!?!?!


To illustrate my point, I was cleaning up while they were decided which book to “read” next, and somebody brought up Hanna’s Daughters. And they all agreed and went happily on their way.

No. No. Hanna’s Daughter’s is one of those touch-feely “women’s” books about mothers and daughters who are all pissed at each other because they had “issues” from “the past” that “can’t be resolved” and despite they fact that they are otherwise psychologically healthy THEY NEVER TALK about anything and then somebody dies and thus it ends up being a mentally exhausting book where you get depressed at the end and then want to to call your mother and congratulate yourself for being so well adjusted.

Gah. Stupid women. Don’t you want to read The Nine instead?!?!


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