I have video links…

…but first I’d like to tell you that I spent all day today looking for a job even though I already have a perfectly good job that I intend on keeping until they make me leave, walked the entire distance of Cedarburg, went into several places because they made Colleen uncomfortable, and then sat in a closed car (there was a bee) in the 85 degree head while she spontaneously interviewed for another one.

This should give you a glimpse into our twisted relationship. Someday she’ll come to me and be all, “Will you please kill my husband? He’s bugging me.” And I’ll be all, “No, I don’t want to. I’m tired.” And then she’ll pout and sit across from my computer and stare at me and say “Please?” in a whiny plaintive voice, and I’ll finally sigh and go, “Okay. Fine. Do you have a gun or do I have to find one?” At which she’d probably tell me to bring one, because she didn’t feel like finding hers that day or something.


After I got home from my own lovely job last night I was watching TV and eating tortilla chips for dinner because I have ridiculous tastes and no, I swear I’m not pregnant, when I see something so amazing that I’m still smiling about it, and it’s been almost an entire day.

Cookie Monster on the Colbert Report. And I seriously died. Elmo drove him! Haha. And I just noticed that the doorbell was the “Sunny Day” song from the beginning! I loved the “Sunny Day” song!!!

He was on again at the end, which I thought was actually funnier. “Me think I hear Elmo honking!”

(It wasn’t quite as funny as “I teach Sunday school, mother******.”, which has to be my favorite moment from any TV show ever. But there was no Cookie Monster in that interview, though, sadly.) (Oh, yeah. John may not want to click on that.)

Oh, Cookie Monster. We did have some wild times in the ’80s.


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