Tales from the DMV

I was standing in line with John this afternoon, and there’s this girl behind me with her toddler and boyfriend/significant other/baby daddy. She looked really young, but some people just look young. Then she gets on the phone with her friend and starts talking about how she needs a new ID card because she thinks she left hers in the bar last night- I know, I turn 21 and lose my ID the first night! Go me, right? (I was quoting there.) So after I stopped saying Hail Marys because I do not have a toddler running around screaming about yogurt (adorable, btw, but oh so much work), I was slightly amused. Finally, when she gets up to the window, the guy asks if she is renewing her drivers license or ID card and she goes, “*chuckles* Oh, ID card. My license is not valid right now.”

Wow. Winner.

One link tonight- YES! YES! I have been waiting for eight years for this!!! And these were the ones that weren’t shown on TV- pre-Ernie!!! I shall die with happiness.


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