Lies. All lies.

Ha! You thought I was going to be uplifting and shallow today, didn’t you? Pssh. N00b.

Nopes, today we’re going to instead talk about gun control and how I am officially pissed off with this term. Gah. Seriously guys? SERIOUSLY??? Please, in the name of all that is holy, do better next year. Take a couple months. Regroup. Come back in October and BE NORMAL.


But lest you think I’ve done nothing today but cry bleeding heart tears until my emo eyeliner runs, I give you the box art for the CSI:NY Season 4 DVDs. This would not normally be notable, except that I feel I must comment upon the actual box art. And how they put Stella in the fugliest sunglasses on this planet, and apparently draped a pillow case over the camera when they were shooting Mac, because he looks about 35.

Anyhoodles, it’s late and apparently I’m the only 20 year old on the planet who cannot function on four hours of sleep and stress. Good night!

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