Doctor Who= Love

Because my dad has recently discovered this show and it is now his favorite thing ever omg except for maybe my North and South DVDs and strapping mill owners, we watched the new episode this week. I haven’t seen that many episodes since I saw my first one a couple months ago and decided that I should screw this history professor thing, clearly stalking David Tennant is my calling.


Anyways, my mind was completely blown and now I really really want the DVDs and why must they be so expensive, why God? why????


I clearly need the DVDs, too, because next week in honor of our nation’s birthday there will be random Twilight Zone episodes rather than a new Doctor.

God, why couldn’t we have just paid the damn tax? No, we had to get all high and mighty and revolutionary and throw their damn tea in the water. Well, Founding Fathers, now I’m paying for it and I AM NOT AMUSED.

Although as Colleen pointed out, if there was no United States I would probably still be in Ireland, most likely kicking it in Ulster trying to pick up somebody with an accent. Or tilling a field in Poland. I prefer the Ireland story. Especially since I’m pretty sure my mother’s DNA would win out.

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