Monday afternoon, tired.

Colleen and I were watching the Lifetime version of The Tenth Circle last weekend and were talking about how with every single Jodi Picoult novel the parents are all perfect and stepford-ish, at least until the obligatory reconciling sex scene, when they get all freaky and S&M and usually there is blood involved. We decided it was really only a plot point, because who wants a good dad?

I believed that until I realized that I’ve stalked something like 50% of this list. That picture of Robert Downey, Jr. is enough to make me go see Iron Man.

*Waits for the shouts of “I TOLD YOU!!!” from Imladris*

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that the woman who wrote it is a lesbian, because no way is Johnny Depp #6. Anthony Bourdain? Seriously?


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