Oh, that’s a visual.

Today at work some asshat honestly asked me, “So, how long does it take to learn how to be a coffee girl?” And then told me that if my Starbucks closed, I’d have to find another job, like maybe at McDonalds.

After I pointed out that I do not, in fact, work at Starbucks and they could close all of them and it would not affect my employment in the least I refrained from spitting in his drink because clearly as a coffee girl who could work at McDonalds I cannot be expected to be able to control my own saliva.

Then he offered to arm wrestle me for his drink.

This is when I stopped being even remotely polite. I was only remotely polite in the first place because the CEO was supposed to come by for a secret visit and I really didn’t want to piss of the CEO. Especially because I owe five grand now.

I seriously need to get into grad school. Soon.


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