Score one for the academic track.

Oh, internets. Law school is seriously losing in the running tally of masochism that exists only in my head. I clearly need a job that gives me a summer break.

After all, today I accomplished the very important task of finding a Youtube video of David Tennant both singing and having sex in some BBC show that isn’t available anywhere stateside.(Yes, I checked).


I’m not linking. For obvious reasons. Chief among them that he’s not that great a singer. But I will say that it made my day.

Then I ordered the BBC production of Casanova from the library.

See, internets? This shit does not get done during the school/working year. I was too tired to even stay up and watch Doctor Who last semester. That is a sad, sad state of being.

Now I’m going to go sit in a car outside my grandfather’s house for half an hour because there is some mold in his house that I’m pretty sure still thinks that women can’t vote. Notsomuch fun with my sinuses. Then I shall ferry garbage from Fox Point to Grafton.

I think I’m going to go watch that video again.


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