Your regularly scheduled update has been postponed.

While I stop and geek out over the brand-new repackaged History of Britain.

Now, since I haven’t heard back from the admissions department at Columbia (Shockingly, “stalking a faculty member” isn’t considered a slam dunk essay. Who knew?), I was planning on asking for this for my birthday.

(Only two more shopping months! Which in my family, who have taken the art of procrastination to epic and beautiful new levels, is practically too late to release a wish list.)

Only problem was that it used to be like HUGE (seriously, five separate cases, and heavy) and like $60. I got my Supreme Court DVDs for Christmas and they were actually slightly more expensive, but I’m convinced that that was because my mom mostly wanted to watch my sister’s reaction when I suggest them every single movie night. (Shut up. Judicial review is a thrilling plot line. And Sandra Day O’Connor and John Roberts show up! I heart them! More than I heart many celebrities!. So yeah. I wasn’t planning on that again.

But now they’re like half the price! And totally doable for one’s 21st birthday!!! Right?!?! (History of Violence Note: Please discuss before I get six copies of a 15-hour documentary.)

Also I still want The Power of Art. More, possibly. But that didn’t get a price cut and it’s own blog post.

OOOH! And Doctor Who DVDS!!! Split the cost, ransom children, sell body parts, meet truckers at a rest stop, I don’t care what you have to do, I NEEDS SEASONS 2 and 3!!!



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