Um. Yeah. I was totally going to do a real post today, and then I sort of…didn’t. And now it’s 8:30 and I’m leaving to see the Dark Knight in about an hour and damn, the skies look ominous and I really, really do not want to sit outside in the rain for hours and I’m tired and bloated and little bit sugar-high because instead of dinner I had a cup of coffee and a Blizzard. But it was tasty!!!

So I give you the Emmy nominations. My commentary will be following the lists there, because frankly I’m too lazy to find another, more comprehensive list.

Generally I’m pleased. I want The Office to win for best comedy, Steve Carell or Lee Pace (I loves me some ambiguously gay piemakers) for actor in a comedy, and I guess Christina Applegate for actress. Neil Patrick Harris got a supporting actor nom for HIMYM, which I’m so jazzed about I’ll probably make buttons or t-shirts or something. Drama did well, I love three of the six shows and I think I would adore Mad Men if I could get my act together and actually watch an episode. When is it even on? Oh, season 2 is starting on July 27. Okay. Maybe I’ll watch then. Anyhoodles, I want Boston Legal to win. If there is ever a contest in which Boston Legal is a participant? I will always root for them. My mom vs. Boston Legal? Denny Crane, y’all.

Actor/drama I’m confused. My disturbing not-so-secret infatuation with Gabriel Byrne obviously makes me want to back him, but the whole Boston Legal thing applies for acting races too! And Hugh Laurie is the funniest when he accepts, so I would like to see that. I’ll have to get back to you on that one. Actress is easy, I’ve only seen two of the players, and you can bet your ass I’m pushing Mariska Hargitay over Sally Field.

I want Candace Bergen to win best supporting, and I could really care less about supporting actor. I guess I’ll back Lost guy, even though I haven’t seen an episode in like a year.

On to page 3 (otherwise known as the ones no one cares about except maybe the nominee’s wives), for the ridiculously entitled Variety, Music, or Comedy Series (which I guess is different than Best Comedy Series that has actual viewers), I want either The Daily Show or the Colbert Report. I probably like the Report more, but the losing episodes are so funny (duets with Barry Manilow and Tony Bennett) that I almost want him to lose so there will be another one. I suck like that.

Variety Special, George Carlin will certainly win and it’s no use pretending otherwise. I have no emotional stake in the race.

Miniseries- JOHN ADAMS OMG!!!! Yeah. It was that good, and I’m only four episodes in. I’ve never seen any of the movies, and I want everyone involved in John Adams to win so hard.

And, um, yeah. That’s all. Cannot wait for September 21!!!

Wait, not all. Do you think that releasing this picture today is a secret way of saying there will be an HP trailer tonight??? Because I know they’ve denied it and all, but DAMMIT IT WANTS IT IT IS JULY ALREADY WE NEED A TRAILER WARNER BROS!!!


That’s all.


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