Still no paragraphs.

Because I am still really, really exhausted. I cannot believe that a week ago he was still alive and we were trying to figure out who was going to help us in October. I didn’t think that within a week the funeral would be over and we’d be talking wallpaper and renters. My mind doesn’t work this quickly.

I’m hoping this fatigue disappears before I have to start classes, because I may just curl up and die if it doesn’t. Or have to drop out. 🙂

Have to work tomorrow, which won’t be too bad because it’s the shortest day you can have and still have an hour break, and I’ll be home by five. Yay.

So this was ridiculously interesting, no? Maybe tomorrow I’ll have crazy-people stories to tell. Maybe somebody will buy some porn or make me order a lesbian romance novel for them or tell me a disgusting story that makes me call Mary on my lunch break because, um, yeah, I wasn’t hearing that story and not telling Mary. And then there will be blog fodder a plenty!!!

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