Here I go again…



Perhaps, just perhaps, Colleen will treat the entire car to her unique rendition of “Super Trouper” which had me laughing so hard I almost had an accident last week. Well, that and I got lost somewhere behind St. Monica’s because I forgot I had to go back to Bayshore and why does no road just go straight, dammit???

But that’s a whole different story.

Not a whole lot going on. Yesterday was a little bit exhausting, and I fell asleep this afternoon watching John Adams.

Oh, John Adams. A few thoughts. Thomas Jefferson is kind of hot. Not as hot as he usually is. I’m not sure when they decided that of the historical figures, Thomas Jefferson would get to be the cute one (sex in that cool Monticello bed just a bonus), but he always is portrayed by someone hot. This one isn’t the hottest one I’ve seen (Shut up, I like revolutionary war dramas. Sue me.), but pretty good.

Except there’s this totally awkward part in France where Jefferson is all widowered (is that a word?) and totally being weird with Abigail and she’s all giggly and “OMG ur so charming” and John is all blustery and “Wut? I’m not charming? Whatevs.” Which I’m pretty sure didn’t happen.

It could have. Because I think it was around the time that history declared him Teh Hawt Founding Father, it also turned him into a hound dog. An undocumented, possibly-cleared-by-DNA-but-we’re-not-really-too-sure-hound-dog, but one nonetheless.


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