Good days and bad days.

Today? Not so much a good day.

I suppose it wouldn’t be when you hang out at a cemetery and realize that you are hugely in debt- not only the lovely financial aid debt that doesn’t really count because you don’t have to think about that for, like, years, especially if you are on the never ever leave not ever plan for graduation, but real credit card OMG PAY US NOW OR WE WILL CHARGE YOU EXORBITANT INTEREST BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO CREDIT RATING AND WE DON’T CARE THAT YOUR GRANDFATHER DIED AND YOU NEEDED A DRESS MWAHAHAHA.

Yeah. That kind.

But did actually manage to get writing on the crypt, so we’re what? Nine years ahead of schedule? And they had better be able to fit “Elizabeth” on there, so help me God, because I did not waste like seven good years of my childhood learning to spell my ridiculously long name if I don’t get to see my namesake’s actual name on the damn wall.

And then I may have yelled at my parents and made them choose a burial site because they’ve been pussyfooting around for my entire life about where they’re going to go and I DO NOT WANT YOU TO DIE IN A CAR CRASH AND THEN I HAVE TO PICK A CEMETERY BECAUSE I KNOW WHICH ONE I WOULD PICK AND I DON’T WANT TO MAKE MY THEORETICALLY DEAD DAD MAD SO MAKE UP YOUR MINDS FOR GOD’S SAKE WHY YES I AM A LITTLE BIT STRESSED AND THE ALCOHOL DOESN’T WORK AS WELL AS IT DID TWO WEEKS AGO.

Yeah. I told you it wasn’t a great summer.

Goodness. We’re just capitalizing up a storm tonight aren’t we?

ETA: Oooh! Michael Phelps won a race! I got all patriotic for a moment.


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