Maybe I should write about someone else’s life.

Maybe I should turn my blog into someone else’s, a writerly experience, like Anonymous Lawyer.

Because, well, if I were to write about my actual day? I could write about sleeping until ten. Or balancing my checkbook. Or setting up online banking because I suddenly realized while waking up this morning that I kind of maybe had exhausted almost my entire credit line that I was planning on using to pay for books on Monday and perhaps I should find out exactly how my I had left. (Should you care: Oh, holy mother of God, not much.) Or how I managed to do my hair in only! one! hour! and this is clearly a personal victory. Or how I fell asleep for two hours this afternoon while watching Doctor Who. Or how I woke up hungry and devoured a meat pie and several chocolate chip coconut Kahlua cookies (oh so tasty). Or, finally, how I’m now too full for dinner and am watching running (Side Note: There are not words to describe my loathing for and philosophical opposition to running) and drinking a lovely glass of wine (we need more, btw).

Yes, I’m sure any of those would be just ripe for internet fodder.

But then you wouldn’t get random pictures in which I look kind of halfway pretty.

My brother looks okay, too. But it’s all about me. If you don’t know that yet, you’re reading the wrong blog.
And oh! If I was pretending to be someone else, I probably couldn’t tell you that this guy? Is back. And he’s friendly.

Oh, I don’t really mind that I had nothing going on today, because did I mention the wine? No, really. Yesterday was kind of packed full of unpleasantness and then finally fun but still packed, and then tomorrow will be very fun (presumably there will cake) but still like four things to do and that clearly is way too many for a hermit such as myself. I’m getting tired just thinking about it.
And when, for the love of God, will I finish the Doctor Who episode I fell asleep during today?

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