Last Night, on Mad Men

Last Sunday of Lent:

Peggy: Y hello thar, Father.

Fr. Colin Hanks: *is adorable* Help me with my sermon? I’m totes scared.

Peggy: Oh, is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Peggy’s sister: *smolders*

Meanwhile, at the Draper’s: There is sex. A lot of sex.

Palm Sunday:

Peggy’s Sister: Bless me Father, for I have sinned. My last confession was two weeks ago and OMG MY SISTER IS A BIG WHORE. Seriously. FILTHY WHORE, UNDESERVING OF YOUR “FRIENDSHIP”. She seduced a married man and EVERYTHING. And, oh, I’m angry about it. Um, yeah, that’s my sin, being angry. That’s totally why I’m here and it has nothing to do with my unsatisfying marriage.

Fr. Colin Hanks: *pouts* *is still adorable, even while pouting* Okay. Say three Hail Marys and two Our Fathers. *woe*

Meanwhile, at the Draper’s: There is spousal abuse. And makeup sex.

Easter Sunday:

Peggy: Hi! I’m adorable and wholesome and ogling me is in no way a sin at all!

Fr. Colin Hanks: *still adorably pouting* Here. Have an egg. For your FILTHY LOVE CHILD that is apparently a bigger impediment to our awkward silences and meaningful stares than my vows. *woe*

Peggy: What? Wait. Have you been talking to my sister?

Fr. Colin Hanks: DO NOT SPEAK TO ME WHORE. I’m going to go pout for our relationship that now can never be because you drunkenly slept with someone.

Meanwhile, at the Draper’s: Well, we don’t know what happened at the Draper’s, because the episode ended with the pouting. But I’m guessing there was sex. Those two are like rabbits.

So, all I can say is that if you’re not watching already you TOTALLY SHOULD BE.

That is all.


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