Because you really need *more* information about my life.

No, clearly Facebook is too demure. The never ending spout of stuff you never really needed to know about another person that is this blog, modest. Because now! Now I have Twitter! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, linked on the sidebar, you can see what I’m up to. Or you could get it yourself and we could talk! Without picking up the phone! Or even Facebook messaging! Because clicking that little “compose message”, oh, so much work.

You may now begin to mock mercilessly.

Also found a lovely new template on some website that I’m pretty sure infected my computer with a virus. But look at the pretty coffee cup!


I’ll bet you’re all, like, dying to know what’s going on with the washer, right? I know I was.

Luckily for my dignity and immortal soul, I did not have to proposition the repair guy. Within moments he was like, “Um, yeah, I think you have something caught in the pipe.” Sure enough, there was what used to be a sock stuck in the drainage pipe, thus illuminating the mystery of where all those socks really do go. They get sucked into the machine and then result in a costly home visit! That’s where!!!

Got it out, it’s working fine, and I even did a load of towels. And then said a rosary in thanks. I even refrained from correcting the repairman’s grammar, even under my breath, because I felt as though he were operating on my baby.

And also I’m not a huge awful person. Well. Not all the time.


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