I need to hang out with more religious studies majors.

Finally it looks like all of my books have at least been ordered, if they aren’t already in the bookstore. Of course, it isn’t the bookstore that’s easy to get to, with a parking lot RIGHT THERE, but the one on the edge of campus and isn’t nearly as pretty but also doesn’t have distractingly cute sweatshirts (okay, they’re few and far between, but if you look hard you can find some) that you can’t buy because you are totally broke, so I guess it evens out.

This, obviously, allows me to kind of figure out how much they’re going to be, and then do a quick internet search for “pimps” because mama needs another job STAT.

It actually doesn’t look too bad- most are relatively inexpensive. Using the highest amazon prices I could find and rounding up, most of them only come to about $375. Three I couldn’t find online, but even allowing about $50 for each, it’s still less than $550, which is what I was kind of figuring.

Except one thing. My Hebrew studies class as five books. FIVE. I’m not even JEWISH, for God’s (or rather, Christ’s) sake!!! My Ireland class (which I am ancestrally tied to) only has two.

My issue- two of the five are Bibles. I have a bunch of Bibles already. The first required book is a Jewish Bible, so I’m guessing that one would be a little bit different (probably notsomuch on the Resurrection), but the second one is the NSRV. It’s not allowed for liturgical use, but the USCCB even approved it for study. So how different would that be from my New American Bible? Could I not just follow along? I mean, I already know the major plot points. And it would save me probably around $30, which would be a major spiritual blessing.

I need a theology major roommate. It would make book shopping so much easier.


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